Monday, April 17, 2017

long time no see!

Hey hey

So I've been really busy with school and stuff, as you can guess. College life isn't super easy. I've been working hard to get good grades.

Also, I've lost some weight! Probably around 10 pounds or so. I don't really feel thinner, but I feel more confident. I know I'm smaller since I measure myself with a tape measure, but I just don't feel it yet, you know?

I've been eating mostly plant based too! Two out of three New Year's resolutions out of the way 😁 I'm really happy about it. Now, about that third one...

I think I'll try to sing at an open mic when I go home over summer break! But we'll see. I'd almost rather do it down here in SoCal but I don't have my car and I'm just so focused on schoolwork that I think summer would be a better time. I'm afraid I'm subconsciously avoiding it because it scares me so much...but it's good to do things that scare you!

I have an exam in a few hours, another tomorrow, and a final paper due on Friday! So much work to do.

Talk to ya later,


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