Tuesday, February 7, 2017

birds of a feather...

Hey everyone!

I have a question. Are you and your best friend identical in the way you guys act? Are you total opposites? Or do you have a mix of similarities and differences between you? My best friend and I are almost the same person in a lot of ways and it's a bit much for me sometimes. I already can barely stand myself, so it's sometimes hard to stand someone who's just like me...you know what I'm saying? Maybe this is just my immaturity.

I remember having problems with a friend I was hanging out with over summer break when I was in middle school. We hung out for about a week straight, and I couldn't stand her. Everything she did was annoying me and I was being really mean to her because of it! She didn't deserve it obviously, she was just being normal. But I, for whatever reason, couldn't stand being around her...

Does anyone else feel like this? Please, leave your comments below. I'm curious.

Talk to you soon!


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