Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Hi everyone!

I'm back at college. I just finished my second first day of the semester (yesterday was the first day of my MW classes, today was the first day of the TTH classes, ya dig?). Most of professors seem really great! There's one guy that I kind of can't understand anything he says but he seems nice enough and he cracked a few jokes. The others (with the exception of the professor for my online class, who I actually had last semester as well) were all really funny! I'm looking forward to it.

Tonight I'm going to a concert! It's for 6LACK and it's in West Hollywood! I'm super excited. I just hope I'll be able to wake up in time for class tomorrow....but guess what? You only live once! So I'm gonna go to this concert and have a good time and deal with the consequences later. You can't do that for everything, but I will for this!

Okay, I have to go and get ready! I'll let y'all know how it goes :)

TTYL! (ew who says that lol)


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